Many centuries past, countries like India and China have had a history with some of the oils from the cannabis plants. Cannabis oils are produced from the female flowers of the cannabis plant. The best are found in the female flower bud and trichomes where research has shown that oil extracted from them has more cannabinoids than that in the buds.

Also, female flowers that have not undergone pollination provide better and potent extracts than the pollinated ones. As such, most plantation tends to plant female plants only to enhance the extraction of better oils. Extracting the co2 vape oil happens in a variety of ways, which as a beginner you need to get knowledgeable about. Here are some of the methods for getting to the potent oils

The finger hash method

Cannabis oilDuring trimming, there will always be some sticky brown like substance on your hands after the job. This is the most potent form of cannabis. To extract it, wear latex gloves during trimming and let the extracts collect on it. Freeze it well and then gently peel off the already crystalized matter on top of them. There you have it, fresh from the source, naturally!

Dry it and cure it

Dry the buds of the cannabis and this will make the stalks of the trichomes to become brittle and easy to break. Bang the buds on fine tight screens of mesh or roll them on a pollen collector (known as a tumbler). This will produce a fine powder known as kief, a highly potent hash. When you further crush this, the particles will break exposing the oil

Go the ice way

Take water and ice and mix it with dried buds. Filter it through a fine mesh and this will produce wet resins. Dry further the wet resins and this will give you a highly potent hash. Ice can also be used alone to make the trichomes cold and brittle which after crushing produces greatly potent has and with lesser impurities compared to the ice and water method.

Use ethanol to extract

The buds are dissolved in ethanol and the alcohol will dissolve the oils creating a high potent tincture. This is a fine method. You can also follow the same by vaporizing the mixture while at the same time taking great care that the alcohol vapor doesn’t build up and catch fire. The resulting would be a great cannabis resin

The Rosin technique

VapingThis a bit of a new method. It uses heat and pressure flow. Heat extracts the oil and pressure redirect it to pens or shatter rigs. Taking parchment paper, fold the buds and insert them into a hot press. The oils will extract around them at the bottom, of the batch. Vaporize them and redirect them to another point where you can collect this highly potent oils clean from the presence of harmful residual solvents like butane.


With these methods in place, one can extract the oils and obtain the needed oils for their purpose of use, and with the advent of more discoveries, other methods are sure to come on board.