Our lives are full of stress and commitments that getting proper sleep at night is imperative if we want to face the next day with confidence. In fact, we all would love to have a deep sleep and feel refreshed the next day. However, sometimes that does not happen, and you wake up feeling tired already. If you want to get proper rest, here are a few basics that must be in place.

Your mattress

Some people say they can sleep anywhere, which may be true, but vldefdkthe quality of that sleep will greatly depend on the mattress they use. But how do you find the right one? When you start looking, you will see hundreds if not thousands of models and designs available. But what you must take into account is our individual physiology. The basic requirement for a mattress should be that it naturally supports your body. It should maintain the curve of your spine and give it the comfort needed. It must also be suitable for your buttocks, shoulders, feet, and head.

The pillow

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck? We all know the feeling, and it’s not a good one. If the pillow you use is, too soft or too hard, you will not get goo sleep. You should get one that will support your neck and also be medium soft but not too much so that your head can be properly aligned with your spine. Pillows should also be washed periodically as they can accumulate, dust and moisture and become breeding grounds for bacteria. Put your pillows out to dry in the sun when possible as this helps get rid of bad odor and most of the bacteria.

Air quality

One more thing that is crucial to a good sleep is the air quality in your room. If it’s too closed, you will not get enough fresh air, and the room will fill with carbon dioxide. Make sure you have good ventilation or use an air conditioner that has a good filter.

Memory foam

vkdfIt is a unique polyurethane material that is used in both mattresses and pillows. The unique feature is that it molds according to the contours of the body. It will not matter which position you sleep in as it will set according to your body. Many pillows and mattresses are made of this particular material, and they are used by those who suffer sleep disorders.