There are a lot of ways on how you can smoke. To name a few, there are hand pipes, joints, bongs, blunts, and the list will go on. Each of these ways has its disadvantages and advantages. Bongs are a very much preferred method of smoking and could be one of the favorites among a lot of people out there who smokes. A bong, which can also be referred to as a bing, water pipe, or billy is a filtration device that is usually used to smoke tobacco and dry herbal substances. In the past, they were often made from ceramic, bamboo, and acrylic. Now, the popular option for smokers is the one that is made out of glass. Here are a few reasons why you need glass bongs:

Benefits of its filtration

glass bongGlass bongs provide excellent filtration of the substances that you would like to smoke. It provides you with water filtration that is a total and complete game changer. If so far you have found that your throat is irritated from the smoke’s heat, then the bing is a very good choice for you because its water filtration cools down the smoke. On the other hand, the water also filters out the ash, the toxins, and the chemicals that usually ends up in your mouth, which makes it a lot safer for your health.

Convenient and durable

One of the biggest and most noticeable advantages of it is that it is a lot easier to clean. With it being made out of glass, it is so much easier to see through it, which makes it easier to see spots and residue to clean out. You can clean the build-up before it gets sticky and hard to remove. It is also so much easier and convenient to use than to fiddle around to try to roll a cig. The process is quicker, and you get to smoke sooner compared to rolling one. With the material it is made out of, this water pipe is very durable and can last for generations.

Better taste and bigger hits

someone holding bongThe smoke will be smoother when compared to other smoking methods. The taste will also be better since glass bongs tend to carry and provide less aftertaste. In addition to that, you can get bigger hits by smoking out of this water pipe. This is because of the material that it is made out of as well as the filtration system that comes with it.